7 Best Flash Games

7 Best Flash Games

As all we know, Flash games are one of the popular terms when it comes to playing them in school or somewhere we are not in our own computer system but still want to have amazing gameplay without having the headache of installing game software on the system. These type of Games can be played through your browser directly, the only thing requires is a flash player. But if have it (Flash Player) already on your browser then you are good to go and can start playing these types of games right away.

If you are new to this flash gaming era then let us tell you, there are so many best flash games available in which you can find different variety of games such as action games, Adventure, Two player, puzzle, shooting and many others but whatever kind of game that is, you will always have a great fun, which is for sure.

So, without wasting time, here we have listed Top 7 Best Flash Games with short description might give you an idea about the game so you can start playing right away:

1. Happy Wheels

If you are fond of playing flash games then probably you have played this game because this game is the lord of all games when it comes to have fun. This game is very popular worldwide and has millions of gameplays every month, by millions of gameplay videos of this game on youtube you can tell how popular this game is.

2. Run 3

This is one of my favorite game which can make your eyes stare at the screen and not making it blink because it may cause the Gameover and you will be dead into space. The Run 3 game is the third version of Run flash game series and this Run 3, which is the latest version, has the best graphics and gameplay than any of its previous versions. You just need to make the player Run all the way through each level till the best of your ability to make it run without falling into space.

3. BTD5

BTD5 or Bloons Tower Defense 5 is one of the best strategy or puzzle flash game you will ever seen. This game is very popular and gives you amazing gameplay, if you can survive yourself. The previous versions of this game are good enough but not as much as this one.

4. Mutilate a doll 2

If you are feeling angry enough and can’t hold it inside you, besides you are fond of playing flash games too, then here is your chance to get that anger out of you by playing this game. As the name specifies, in this game you can explore new ways to torture or kill the doll. There are mutiple options you will clearly see to make it dead and bloody but with using other tools you can make it an interesting encounter.

5. Stick Wars

You are the leader of your kingdom, now its time to lead your stick army to fight against another team and save you territory. Make new stick soldiers as per your needs to fight against another team, let them fight and mine at the same time, so you can get the money to make new stick soldiers, so compete and win, use your best strategy here.

6. Line Rider

Line Rider is one of the interesting flash game in which you have to let your rider flow in the line and which you draw. Use the pencil tool given and make one of the reliable or zick-zack line whatever you like, and make your rider ride on that line, also make sure to not fall outside the line, else you will be done.

7. Clicker Heroes

As per its name, this game you will be having a lot of clicks for sure, which will decide if u win or loose. In this game, you have to click on the bad monsters and kill them so you can get their gold and use that gold to hire new heroes or upgrade and purchase characters so you can win.


So, these are the Top 7 Best Flash Games which you should play for sure.